TRIUMPH TR2 (1953-54)
MG TD LED Tail Light Set
  • Reverse voltage and over voltage protected.
  • Current controlled to provide constant brightness over a wide range of voltage.
  • The LEDs are rated for 10000 hours continuous use.
  • The LED array uses about 80% to 85% less current then the standard tail light bulb.
  • The LED circuit boards plug directly into the existing wiring harness including the ground
  • These units do not require any modifications to the car other than removing the existing
    wires from the tail light housing and installing the new units.
  • There are 88 Red super bright LEDs in the set.
  • Available for Positive or Negative ground cars.
LED Park/Brake Lightl Set (+) Ground
49.00 + $8.00 Shipping In US
LED Park/Brake Light Set (-) Ground
49.00 + $8.00 Shipping In US
Turn Signal Flasher Options
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